5th February 2019

Ruby Chocolate | Here’s what you need to know

In late 2017, Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut announced the discovery and production of a so-called fourth type of chocolate. Joining dark, milk and white...ruby had now entered the chocolate family. There were sceptics, of course. The New York Times noted that people were still debating whether or not white chocolate should even be considered chocolate, let alone ruby.

But in less than a year, ruby chocolate had in fact taken the world by storm. Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck served ruby chocolate strawberries and cream at an Oscars after-party, and press snacked on it during the awards ceremony. Now The Royal Duchy Hotel have brought it to the bespoke dinner menu for the first time, this Valentines!

Here’s what you need to know about Ruby Chocolate:

First of all, it’s pink

A beautiful soft pink, its colour comes naturally; Ruby chocolate draws its pink hue entirely from the red bean of the cocoa plant – specifically the cocoa plants grown in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. These plants contain naturally occurring chemical compounds absent in beans cultivated elsewhere.

The recipe is a secret

The formula took 13 years to perfect. Callebaut won’t go into specifics about how it formulated the chocolate breakthrough.  Callebaut is quite literally the largest cocoa processor in the world. You might not have ever heard of the company or the man behind it, but Callebaut is the one supplying some of the world’s biggest confectioneries with their chocolate.

The chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean. Ruby beans are existing botanical cocoa bean varieties that have been identified as having the right attributes to be processed into ruby chocolate. The chocolate's taste is described as "sweet yet sour" with "little to none" of the cocoa flavour traditionally associated with other varieties of chocolate, very unique and very luxurious!

It tastes entirely different than dark, milk & white chocolate

Callebaut says ruby tastes like “a tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” It’s also been described as being tart and fruity; reminiscent of a berry you’ve never tasted before. Others still describe it as having notes of lemon and cherry. 

Impress with our fabulous Valentine's Dinner Menu and experience this unique taste sensation

Treat the one you love this Valentines with our bespoke collection of dishes, carefully curated by Head Chef John Mijatovic, honouring the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. Of course, our delicious Valentines Menu includes Ruby Chocolate within the stunning 'Ruby Chocolate Torte Fruit Compote and Cherry Sorbet.'

View our full Valentine's Dinner Menu below...