21st June 2022

National Yoga Day

Watch this space! We thought that #Nationalyogaday would be the perfect time to tell you we will soon be starting regular yoga classes right here at The Royal Duchy Hotel in Falmouth. 

Our yoga classes with Sri Radha Sharon will soon be available to residents staying with us - free of charge. We will ask guests to pre-book these classes during their pre arrival call and upon check in. 

Classes will take place on the front lawn (weather dependent) and we will have yoga mats available for anyone taking part. Whether you’re new to yoga or a regular, these classes will be suitable for all ages and fitness levels, taught in a way that compliments your relaxing stay in Falmouth helping to create a calm and peaceful mind by emphasizing grounding, a strong stable core, breath awareness and simple meditation techniques.

Our yoga instructor Dr Sri Radha Sharon has a wealth of experience and has dedicated her later life to the wide study and awareness of the various Hatha schools and the fun and challenge of Vinyasa flow yoga.

For those new to yoga, Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. Yoga boasts a whole host of benefits, and there is no better place to give it a try than the tranquil setting of our hotel. Hatha yoga can help with all sorts of things, whether you want to clear your mind after a hectic week or increase your flexibility and strength, we’d recommend giving yoga a try. 

Yoga Timetable (Subject to change, start date to be confirmed): 
Monday 7:30 am
Wednesday 7:30am & 4pm
Friday 4pm
Saturday 8am

For more information on our yoga classes, please contact Christina at christina@royalduchy.com.