20th July 2019

January in Cornwall

Magical moorland tinged with sparkling frost;  coastline bathed in winter sunshine that illuminates the leafless trees and yellow gorse flowers. January is a special time when it feels you almost have Cornwall to yourself.

January in Cornwall is a great time to:

  • Wrap up well and brave the outside with a walk along the shore and nine times out of ten it’ll just be you, the sea and the sky. 
  • On the south coast’s misty inlets and river estuaries take a ferry from shore to shore and get a heron’s eye view of the winter landscape.
  • Up on the north coast hunker down in the sand dunes and simply watch the sea whip up a swell and unleash its power as giant waves explode on the shore. 
  • To warm up, there’s nothing better than a steaming mug of hot chocolate in a beachside café or a pint in a friendly pub with a roaring fire and more than hearty food - just the thing to finish off a trek on the moor or a jaunt along the cliff path. 
  • A great time to explore the atmospheric narrow streets of our coastal villages, relax and do a bit of shopping. Browse an antique shop, pop into a local restaurant or potter around the local museum. 
  • Get a taste of Cornwall’s heritage with a visit to the mediaeval castle, a Tudor fort or an opulent Victorian mansion or delve further back in time by standing in the middle of a prehistoric stone circle or strolling around an Iron Age village. 
  • Take the kids on a countryside walk and it’ll be a great way to see nature waking up after its winter slumber.
  • If the weather gets too grim, then there are plenty of things to do in the warm and undercover. Cornwall is one of the world’s greatest artistic centres, so it’s a great place to introduce yourself to painting, pottery and sculpture at galleries and museums that take the stuffiness out of all things arty. 
  • Exploring the miles of easy-going multiuse trails dotted around the county. Discover history, industry and nature all in one day and the whole family gets a bit fitter into the bargain.
  • Why not get out early and watch the sunrise at 8am from either a beach or from high ground - don't forget your camera!

With thanks to Visit Cornwall.