10th June 2021

G7 Summit

The G7 summit in Cornwall is upon us and we could not be more excited for Falmouth to be the media center for national and international journalists from around the world. 

We wish our team the best of luck in hosting many film crews, journalists and media professionals during the course of the summit, and we are proud to be a part of such a big event which will put Falmouth on the map. 

With a busy weekend approaching, we spoke to Office Manager Gail: 

"We very much hope all our guests enjoy their time in Cornwall and of course our fabulous town of Falmouth. Hopefully, they will have some downtime to explore what the town has to offer from a wide variety of independent shops, boat trips on the beautiful river. Fal or Helford, coast path walks or even just the chance to watch the sunset from the beach." 

We’re hoping to be able to catch up with some of our guests later on in the week to find out more about their time in Falmouth and the G7. Please keep an eye out for further insights on our social media.