Discover wildlife on our doorstep!

AK Wildlife Cruises | Falmouth

Join AK Wildlife Cruises in search of local, fantastic marine wildlife from seabirds to dolphins, seals and basking sharks! Sailing all year round from the heart of Falmouth!

In spring the seas begin warming up. Similar to the land and its flowers, we see a bloom in plankton which draws in many animals, most famously the huge basking sharks. Growing up to 12 metres (39 feet) these sea monsters are a great attraction, but gentle giants. They cruise through the water with their enormous mouths wide open to eat vast quantities of plankton. Summer is a good time of year to see basking sharks, and they can pop up anywhere on the trip, even before we have left the Carrick Roads! These are the second largest fish in the world and are often given away by their huge sail-like dorsal fin, which is much less rigid than the cetaceans’. These creatures are very relaxed around the boat and come very close as they feed on the plankton soup in the water.

Autumn is a very exciting time as a huge variety can show up on the tour. Basking sharks and sunfish are still in the area, it is possible to see any of our eight species of cetacean (whales and dolphins) and our pelagic seabirds are at their highest numbers. There are eight species of whales and dolphins which can be seen on our boat. From the small harbour porpoise up to the huge fin whale, and everything in-between: white-beaked dolphin; common dolphin; bottlenose dolphin; Risso’s dolphin; pilot whale and minke whale. Being a part of the big blue sea, there are no physical boundaries and rarities have shown up in our area of operation as well, including striped dolphin. Autumn is the time of year that resident grey seals have their pups!

The winter months may be chilly, but with our heated cabin and hot drinks, you can watch the wildlife on the boat in comfort! And there is a lot to be seen at this time of year. Out to sea we have super pods of common dolphins. Up to and over one thousand dolphins in a single group! A truly fantastic sight and you forget all about the cool temperature, but you can always get back into the cabin with its windows to warm up and view the spectacle.

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