23rd July - 31st August 2019

Pirate School | The National Maritime Museum Cornwall

All aboard shipmates! Join The National Maritime Museum Cornwall this Summer for fun packed sessions; learn what every budding Buccaneer needs to know about being a pirate of the”Golden Age Of Piracy”!

What you’ll learn at our Pirate School…

  • How to load a cannon and different types of shot

  • What you might eat and drink

  • Learn to find your way around a ship

  • Handle some pirate treasure!

  • Learn to sing a shanty to work to

  • What weapons you might fight with and why – and what terrible wounds you might get and how they might be treated!

  • Hear the amazing tales of the pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read; and learn of the daring and wicked exploits of other infamous pirates – such as Blackbeard, Black Bart and Sam Bellamy

Treasure Map trail

  • 7 Pirate Parrots have jumped ship and are hidden in the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Can you find them?
  • Make your own – Pirate Cutlass, Parrot, Pirate Hand and Treasure Chest
  • Daily, at the Make and Takes table.
  • Treasure Island Play Zone
  • Interactive learning and fun.

Plus all the family favourites…

  • 15 galleries over four floors; jump aboard the boats, climb the 100 foot Look Out Tower, watch shipwrights at work in the boat building workshop, go underwater in the Tidal Zone, hear ocean adventures + survival stories, learn to sail miniature boats on our waterfront boat pool.

Pay once, get in free for a year!  Visit The National Maritime Museum Cornwall for further information.